June 20, 2023

As the short movie project of MUJI _MOV "Kurashi no Kat […]

"MUJI" commercial released
March 15, 2023

he new single "No you no no no me" will be released on […]

"Fly me" tie-in commercial released

The song Fly me from the album Mezameru Wakusei is feat […]

February 24, 2023

Gutevolk Radio DJ Mix Out on HKCR, Hong Kong

February 14, 2023

“No you no no me,” our second audiovisual exchange diar […]

Full album ”Mezameru Wakusei” 2023.02.01 OUT

Mezameru Wakusei, Gutevolk’s first album of original so […]

"Läpinäkyvä" 2022.11.30. OUT

"Läpinäkyvä" is the fifth spin-off song from the collab […]

【info】New digital single “Mizuiro Kodomo” OUT August 10

”Mizuiro Kodomo” is the 4th spin-off song derived from […]

【info】2022.02.10. Digital Single “Fly me” OUT

On February 10th, Gutevolk will release her first new single of the year, "Fly me".

【info】Christmas Cover Single “Mister Sandman” 2021.11.18. OUT

Gutevolk's final release of the year is a cover of The […]

【info】Digital Single “Kuchibue No Susume” 2021.10.20. OUT

The 2nd spin-off single “Kuchibue No Susume”, derived from the soundtrack of the short film series "Mezameru Wakusei" co-produced by Gutevolk and Koichiro Tsujikawa, will be released on October 20th. The vinyl designed by Koichiro Tsujikawa.

September 17, 2021 “Mabataki No Kazu” Trailer OUT NOW

  ~People, things, we ‘re humming to each other ov […]

【Info】August 9, 2021.Interview@TOKION

(photo by Myona Maiöna) I was interviewed by Toby Rayno […]

【New Release】July 7, 2021

“Mezameru Wakusei” Awaking Planet is out! New digital s […]

【News】June 1, 2021.

A new project “Mezameru Wakusei” by Gutevol […]

【New Digital Mini-Album】 March, 31 2021

Gutevolk’s new digital mini album “Cover Syndrome ~West […]

【New Digital Single】 February, 26 2021

The new digital single “Funé” of Hirono Nishiyama is o […]

New digital cover song of Pharrell Williams’ ”Happy”

[New Digital Single] January, 27 2021 New digital cover […]

New Digital Single “A Happy New Year”

[New Digital Single] On December 30,2020, Digital singl […]

New Release!

[New Digital Release] New album “Gutevolk Christm […]


What's New

June 20, 2023
MUJI “Kurashi no katasumi”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGXlgG9bYKo As the short movie project of MU ...
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March 15, 2023
Original Digital Single “No you no no me” 23.3.15.OUThttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI_iquSVCko he new single "No ...
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No you no no no me


Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Mizuiro Kodomo


Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Fly me


Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Kuchibue No Susume


Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Mabataki No Kazu


Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Mezameru Wakusei

8 Songs (2023)

Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Cover Syndrome -Western Music Edition-

7 Songs (2021)

Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Hello tiny people! I will catch you

Space Shower Music (2017)

Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

Sun Chandelier

Rally Label (2010)

Sun Chandelier

The tiny people singing
over the rainbow

noble (2007)

Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow

12k (2004)



noble (2003)


The humming of tiny people

Daisy World Discs (2002)

The Humming of Tiny People
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