September 17, 2021 “Mabataki No Kazu” Trailer OUT NOW

  ~People, things, we ‘re humming to each other ov […]

【Info】August 9, 2021.Interview@TOKION

(photo by Myona Maiöna) I was interviewed by Toby Rayno […]

【New Release】July 7, 2021

“Mezameru Wakusei” Awaking Planet is out! New digital s […]

【News】June 1, 2021.

A new project “Mezameru Wakusei” by Gutevol […]

【New Digital Mini-Album】 March, 31 2021

Gutevolk’s new digital mini album “Cover Syndrome ~West […]

【New Digital Single】 February, 26 2021

The new digital single “Funé” of Hirono Nishiyama is o […]

New digital cover song of Pharrell Williams’ ”Happy”

[New Digital Single] January, 27 2021 New digital cover […]

New Digital Single “A Happy New Year”

[New Digital Single] On December 30,2020, Digital singl […]

New Release!

[New Digital Release] New album “Gutevolk Christm […]


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September 17, 2021
“Mabataki No Kazu” Trailer OUT NOW The spin-off single “Mabataki No Kaz ...
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August 9, 2021
【Info】Interview@TOKION (photo by Myona Maiöna) I was interviewed by Toby Raynolds, a journalist in New York. Please take ...
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July 9, 2021
【News】 The complete MV for”Mezameru Wakusei” will be out today at 5:00 p.m. Japan time.
Today, our exchange diary wil ...
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【Mezameru Wakusei (Awaking Planet)】- Actually, we are all fixed stars. -

A planet that can't shine by itself and needs someone to shine light on it to survive.
A star that shines brilliantly on its own, like the sun.
Doesn't this sound a little bit like our human world?

“Mezameru Wakusei” is actually us.
This is a song about a planet (= person) who remembers that they can actually shine, and starts shining with their own power.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Koichiro Tsujikawa for the wonderful vinyl and MV. I've been so influenced by his sensibility that I now see tree branches as travelers, leaves as squirrels, small stones as young children, and large stones as planets. LOL!
So, now we are going to end this exchange diary for now. And in a short while, chapter 2 will begin.

From now on, The little boy inside Koichiro Tsujikawa will go on another sketching journey.
(Just like Snufkin in Moomin.) I'm looking forward to seeing what motifs he will find next.

Right then, have a good day today!!

Hirorno Nishiyama/ Gutevolk


Hello tiny people! I will catch you

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Hello Tiny People ! I Will Catch You

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Sun Chandelier

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The Humming of Tiny People
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