August 8, 2022

New digital single “Mizuiro Kodomo” OUT August 10

”Mizuiro Kodomo” is the 4th spin-off song derived from the soundtrack of "Mezameru Wakusei”, a short movie in collaboration between Gutevolk and ,filmmaker, Koichiro Tsujikawa.
The beautiful deep blue-green vinyl, and trailer, shot in Komazawa Park in Tokyo and featuring a water fountain tap, were created by Tsujikawa, as on the previous album.

The song begins with a nostalgic and impressive vocal harmony, and is based on shiny electronic sounds and beats, with sound effects and soothing synthesiser tones, and freewheeling chords that keep modulating, with instruments such as acoustic guitar, mellotron, harp and violin gently overlapping. A happy and fresh song of youth.