January 24, 2023

Full album ”Mezameru Wakusei” 2023.02.01 OUT

Mezameru Wakusei, Gutevolk’s first album of original songs in five years, will be released on February 1st! Shortly thereafter, a second collaboration series with Koichiro Tsujikawa will also begin.

With the release of Mezameru Wakusei, its series of singles which began in the summer of 2021 is finally complete. In addition to these tracks, a brand new song, “Watashi UFO Ni Nacchau”, is also included on the album. A digest movie of past tracks from the series and a trailer are also available for viewing.

Sine waves float over a sparkling harp as the high-tone voice of a woman sings the title of the surrealistic track— “UFO Ni Nacchau” (I’m going to be a UFO). Transcending genre, the song is a cute, bizarre pop symphony. A second version, sung in German, is also included as a bonus track.

"No you no no no me," the second collaboration project with Koichiro Tsujikawa, will begin streaming on social network platforms on February 14th.