February 7, 2022

On February 10th, Gutevolk will release her first new single of the year, “Fly me”.

“Fly me" is the first release from Gutevolk in 2022, and is the third single in a series of spin-off songs derived from the soundtrack of "Mezameru Wakusei”, a short movie made in 2021 in collaboration with filmmaker Koichiro Tsujikawa.
Beginning with a minimal, chaotic introduction of voices and wind instruments, her soft voice spins the lyrics in English over a base of shimmering electronic sounds and up-tempo beats, combining winds, woodwinds and analogue synths.This is a futuristic pastoral song, with tricky and bizarre pop that makes you discover new sounds every time you listen to it.

The beautiful, gently-coloured vinyl and trailer, based on a stone motif, were created by Tsujikawa, as in the previous album. The fourth single in the series will be released in March.