September 17, 2021

“Mabataki No Kazu” Trailer OUT NOW

The spin-off single “Mabataki No Kazu” ~Number Of Blinking~, derived from the soundtrack of the short film series co-produced by Gutevolk and Koichiro Tsujikawa, will be released on September 17th. The jacket is by Tsujikawa,as on the previous album.

Beginning with a beautiful piano arpeggio accompanied by radio noise, theremin, violin and cello overlap as if floating in the air. It is a symphony of a new future, with gentle lyrics and a sweet voice spun in Japanese, shaking up nostalgic memories and inviting us to a personal universe that spreads deep inside our hearts.



~People, things, we ‘re humming to each other over theradio waves ~
How many times do we blink in our lifetime?
What/who are we focusing on at that moment?

I find it very interesting that some people can see a rainbow in the sky
while others cannot, even though they are in the same place.
We cannot feel what we are not conscious of.

I feel as if both people and things are tuned to each other,
a little like tuning the frequency of a radio or the channel on TV.
When we become friends quickly with someone even though we don't know each other very well, It means that our hertz is perfectly matched in an area that goes beyond words.

At the moment we become aware of people and things that we have never cared about before,
maybe it's because our tuning is starting to change.

Even now, we are catching our favorite hertz every moment,
and each time we blink, we discover our own unique landscape.