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Gutevolk is the solo music project of Japanese musician Hirono Nishiyama. With electronic music at its base, her sound is one that seems to have eaten the genres of the world; colored by a variety of instruments and sounds, multilingual lyrics and coined words, she expresses an original, evil, pop worldview.

Hirono Nishiyama began working under her own name in 1999 on Nobukazu Takemura’s Childisc label. In 2002, she moved to Haruomi Hosono’s Daisyworld Discs, where she would adopt the name Gutevolk. In addition to releasing a number of albums, she has toured inside and outside of Japan and created music for TV programs, commercials, and theater works. Always working at her own pace, she has also been active as a DJ and produced her own music videos.

In the summer of 2021, she began a collaboration with filmmaker Koichiro Tsujikawa over social media, the Mezameru Wakusei audiovisual exchange diary. On February 1st, 2023, Mezameru Wakusei, an album composed of spinoff songs from the collaboration, was released. After the original project concluded in January with the sixth installment of the series, a new collaboration project with Tsujikawa began on February 14th.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gutevolk_music/?hl=ja
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HironoNishiyama

Koichiro Tsujikawa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koichirotsujikawa/?hl=ja
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tsujikawa_amds


Hirono Nishiyama weaves a mysterious wave of sound catches the edge of my ear. Even If I follow it with my eyes, even if I try to look at it correctly, it is elusive. I think perhaps it’s because Gutevolk is a fairy, named ‘Good people’. She’s taught me ,the music is the same thing as a fairy.
_Haruomi Hosono

How lovely, I wanted to be born with a voice like this. Would you like to trade for mine?
_Akiko Yano

Dwarfs behind my ear entered through Gutevolk’s lips, and they sliding down into her throat tunnel and playing in the universe stretches beyond…That’s how I feel.
_Yayako Uchida

A really warm and friendly sequence of songs, full of subtly brilliant arrangements.
Infused with a sense of childhood, magic and positivity.
You just want it togo on forever.


Hirono Nishiyama
1999 ”Yura Yura Yureru” /Childisc
2000 “Kaisentou” /Childisc
2001 ”Pied Piper” /Childisc
2002 “The humming of tiny people” /Daisy World Discs
2003 “suomi” / noble
2004 “twinkle” /12k
2005 “The tiny people singing over the rainbow” /noble
2010 “Sun Chandelier ” /Rally Label
2017 “Hello tiny people! I will catch you” / Space Shower Music
2018 “Stille nacht, Heilige nacht ~Silent Night~” /FLAU
2019 “Carol Of The Bells” /FLAU


Hirono Nishiyama
1999 “Childisc vol.3″/ Childisc
2000 “Childisc vol.4″/ Childisc
2000 “Childisc vol.5″/ Childisc
2001 “STYLUS#3″ /College Chart Japan
2008 “Little Things” / FLAU
Vocals and words
1999 “Yoru No Yuenchi” Child’s View /_Warner Music Japan
2000 “Child’s View ~Funfair~” Child’s View/_Warner Music Japan
2002 “Song Book” Nobukazu Takemura / TOKUMA JAPAN
Sound Tracks
1998 “Tempura Bowl Hard-boiled” Tsuyoshi Shuhama *The Grand Prize on Documentary section of the 1997 Pusan International Film Festival
2004 “The Possibility For The Model” Tsuyoshi Shuhama
2002 “Strange Flowers Vol.1″/ Daisy World Discs
2003 “Hotel Soundtrack Vol.01 By Tatsuo Sunaga”/ GATE RECORDS
2004 “DoReMi De Utaou “」/ 333 discs
2009 “Rally Cloak 04 -Silent Phase-“/ Rally Label
2011 “Invisible Folklore”/ noble
2004 “Two Fingers” KAMA AINA+Gutevolk/ P-Vine
2008 “Songs Of Seven Color” Aus+Gutevolk / Inpartmaint
2010 “Guther Tour Remixies” / Rally Label
2018 “Like Someone In Love” /SUMIDA JAZZ FESTIVAL
2019 “KAJALLA No Ongaku Vo.2″ / PONY CANYON
Vocals, Lyrics
2010 “Strangeness” kazumasa hashimoto /noble


2009 Isetan『How To Make Wonder Christmas』
2010 Tabio『Tabio Slide Show』*The Silver Award at the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival
2010 Isetan『Ring Ring Wonder Christmas』
2013 Isetan『Finding Wonder Christmas』
2016 Hneda International Terminal Planetarium『Butterfly』
2017 Tiffany Ginza japan『Hand Meets Hand』 *2017 Code Award And more.
2015 NHK TV series『Nenriki Kazoku』Season1
2016 NHK TV series『Nenriki Kazoku』Season2
Theater Music
2007 「Slide Zone」
2007 “Slide Zone
2008 “Where Did The Stars Go…”
2013 “Tooi Natsu No Gogh”
2014 “The Tempest”( Voice of the fairy “Ariel” )
2001 “Mizuno Soko”@Gallary Rockets
2006 “Kirigirisu No Yoru”@Atlier Kirigirisu
2010 “YumeruHEN”of Mari Inaba @KANZAN
2010 “Etro” of Mari Inaba
2018 “New Munch Exhibition”@PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO


Hello tiny people! I will catch you
Hello tiny people! I will catch you
12 songs 46 minutes (2017)
Sun Chandelier
Sun Chandelier
11 songs 45 minutes (2010)
The tiny people singing over the rainbow
The tiny people singing over the rainbow
10 songs 50 minutes (2005)
11 songs 45 minutes (2003)

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